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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Treatment to reduce breathing problems for people affected by respiratory diseases. 

Service Description 

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a treatment method aimed at restoring the loss of function caused by respiratory system diseases. This treatment requires many different specialists to work together to meet the physical, emotional, social and functional needs of the person. 

Diseases that include pulmonary rehabilitation include 

- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 

- Lung cancer 

- Fibrosis 

- Emphysema 

- Bronchitis chronic 

- Pneumonia 

- Lung tumors 

- Interstitial pulmonary diseases 

- Respiratory system infections 

During the rehabilitation process, we first assess the person's functions and needs. Then, we create an individualized treatment plan and begin to implement it. The treatment plan may include different treatment modalities such as physical therapy, functional training, respiratory techniques training, pain management, modified exercise programs, and update therapy. 

The rehabilitation process can vary according to the person's needs and goals. For example, one person may want to regain the functions lost as a result of COPD, while another person may want to minimize the damage caused by lung cancer. Our goal is to restore the person's quality of life and functionality at the highest level. 

In addition, the person's family or close environment should be actively involved in the rehabilitation process. This helps the person to better adapt to the treatment and ensures better long-term outcomes. It is important that the family and close environment are informed about how to involve the person in the treatment, how to support them during the treatment process and how to move on in life after rehabilitation. 

In the pulmonary rehabilitation process, modified exercise programs are used primarily to improve respiratory ability in order to achieve the person's goals. In addition, respiratory techniques are trained so that the person can make inhalation and exhalation techniques more effective. The rehabilitation process may also include information on diet and healthy lifestyle. 

In conclusion, pulmonary rehabilitation is a treatment method aimed at restoring the loss of function caused by respiratory system diseases. During the rehabilitation process, an individualized treatment plan is created and different treatment methods are applied. 

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