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Physical Therapy After Fracture

It is a treatment method for people who have suffered a fracture. 

Service Description 

Post-fracture physical therapy is a treatment method for people who have suffered a fracture. Post-fracture physical therapy is applied to accelerate fracture healing and enable the person to return to their old physical activities. 

What does post-fracture physical therapy do? 

- Accelerating fracture healing 

- Increase functionality 

- Reducing pain 

- Increase muscle strength 

- Increase joint mobility 

- Enhancing emotional health 

How is physical therapy after a fracture applied? 

The treatment is carried out by a physical therapist. The treatment program is based on the type of fracture, the person's needs and goals. For example, the person's goal may be to regain arm or leg movement. The duration of treatment may vary according to the symptoms and needs of the person. 

What is the process of physical therapy after fracture? 

First, the person's fracture type and healing process are evaluated. Then, an appropriate treatment plan is created for the person. This plan may vary according to the person's needs and may include several different treatment methods. For example, range of motion joint mobility, isometric muscle contractions, strength and endurance training. The duration of treatment may vary according to the person's symptoms and needs, and the person's progress is monitored. 


Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation 

Pain in the pelvic area. 

Service Description 

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is the treatment of pain or dysfunction in the pelvic area. The pelvic floor is a combination of muscles, ligaments, nerves and other tissues. This rehabilitation program helps people to regain their function and reduce their pain. 

Conditions covered by pelvic floor rehabilitation include 

- Pelvic organ prolapse: The ovaries, bowel or bladder can fall out as a result of weakened pelvic floor tissues. 

- Incontinence: problems with urine or fecal leakage 

- Functional pelvic pain: Pain that occurs in the pelvic area for no apparent reason. 

- Pelvic organ stenosis: Impaired functioning of the pelvic organs. 

In the pelvic floor rehabilitation process, the causes of pain or dysfunction in the pelvic area are first identified. Then, a special exercise program is created according to the person's needs. These exercises are usually designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles and increase their flexibility. Recommendations are also made taking into account the person's lifestyle and dietary habits. 

During pelvic floor rehabilitation, the person is trained to perform the exercises at home. In this way, the person can prevent pain or dysfunction and help the person to regain their function. 

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Professional help for home physical therapy is important in speeding up the recovery process of patients, choosing the right exercises, preventing and monitoring dangerous situations, and preparing special treatment plans. These services are provided by physiotherapists and are specially prepared according to the needs of the patient.