Şevval Y. / Physiotherapist
Medeni G. / Physiotherapist
Cem G. / Physiotherapist
Nurgül D. / Physiotherapist
Ahmet Can S. / Physiotherapist
Okan K. / Physiotherapist
Serdem Ö. / Expert Physiotherapist and Scoliotherapist
Murat S. / Physiotherapist
Şule H. / Physiotherapist
Beyza A.
Tuğçe K.
Merve A. / Expert Physiotherapist Bobath Therapist
Bilge K. / Physiotherapist
Osman Utku K. / Respiratory Physiotherapist
Yiğit Alptuğ T.
Defne S. / Expert Physiotherapist
Yusuf Sergen T. / Sporcu Fizyoterapist
Zuhuratbaba Mahallesi Akatlar Sokak No:1/1B Bakırköy / İSTANBUL
0545 646 36 82
Professional help for home physical therapy is important in speeding up the recovery process of patients, choosing the right exercises, preventing and monitoring dangerous situations, and preparing special treatment plans. These services are provided by physiotherapists and are specially prepared according to the needs of the patient.